Traffic safety is everyone’s concern —
and now you can do something about it!
CarmaCam® is the actionable dash cam app. Unlike other dash cam apps, it is integrated with the CarmaCam®
Traffic Incident Database, which is made available to insurance companies and law enforcement.
CarmaCam® works in 3 steps:
Upload Video
File Report
Independent Review
CarmaCam® uses crowdsourcing for video collection and review. Artificial
Intelligence augments human review to make sure all reports are accurate.
The CarmaCam® Family of Apps
for Safety and Mobility
CarmaCam® Safety
CarmaCam® Safety helps drivers improve road safety by easily reporting emergencies and unsafe traffic incidents. Don’t get angry - Save a life!
CarmaCam® Mobility
CarmaCam® Mobility - for Parking Enforcement to quickly clear bus and restricted lanes by efficiently generating error-free parking tickets and improve parking enforcement.
CarmaCam® LE enables Law Enforcement to quickly respond to real-time reports of emergencies including DUI and hit and run.
Report any dangerous driving incident with one tap
CarmaCam® was originally developed in cooperation with the
USC Viterbi Center for Software Engineering.